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Export management System

Whether you are a solo practitioner or an office of 100 employees, the ability to substantially increase your annual revenue without adding employees defines productivity. If you can improve your earnings or profit by adopting technology with the productivity features that matter, it is an obvious and sensible approach. Whether you serve the basic accounting needs of 25 clients or the highly complex needs of thousands, there is peace of mind in knowing our accounting software will grow with your business for decades into the future Highly scale-able software that works at the same speed regardless of whether a single employee or several hundred employees are accessing the system at the same time is critical for long-term growth.


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  • customized reports.
  • Reporting flexibility.
  • Direct delivery of reports in real time.
  • Cloud friendly.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Staff management.
  • Accounts receivable and billing


  • Multi-user and multi-company
  • Robust & Reliable
  • Multi-currency (unlimited number of currencies)
  • Real-time system - provides up to the minute information
  • Drill down interface - easy to access information
  • System-wide security restrictions based on user-login
  • Reports can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel
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